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Criticality calculations on realistic modelling of pebble-bed HTR-PROTEUS as a validation for the pseudo-scattering tracking method implemented in the MORET 5 Monte Carlo code

Congress title :ICAPP 2008 - International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants 
Congress location :Anaheim
Congress date :08/06/2008

Document type > *Congrès/colloque

Keywords > Monte Carlo, Pebble-bed reactor, PROTEUS, woodcock

Research Unit > IRSN/DSU/SEC/LERD

Authors > BERNARD Franck, FORESTIER Benoit, JACQUET Olivier, MISS Joachim, VERBOOMEN Bernard

Publication Date > 12/06/2008


The MORET code is a three dimensional Monte Carlo criticality code. It is designed to calculate the effective multiplication factor (keff) of any geometrical configuration as well as the reaction rates in the various volumes and the neutron leakage out of the system. A recent development for the MORET code consists of the implementation of an alternate neutron tracking method known as the pseudo-scattering tracking method. This method has been successfully implemented in the MORET code and its performances have been tested by the means of an extensive parametric study on very simple geometrical configurations. In this context, the goal of the present work is to validate the pseudo-scattering method against realistic configurations. In this perspective, pebble-bed cores are particularly well-adapted cases to model as they exhibit large amount of volumes stochastically arranged on two different levels (the pebbles in the core and the TRISO particles inside each pebble). This paper will introduce the techniques and methods used to model pebble-bed cores in a realistic way. The results of the criticality calculations, as well as the pseudo-scattering tracking method performance in terms of computation time, will be presented.
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