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Evaluation of the resuspension factor of contamination in nuclear power installations

D. BOULAUD1, P. GERASIMO2, G. MARTIN3, L. MARTINOT4, A.NOURREDDINE5*, J.C SENS5 - 1 Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire, DPEA/SERAC, Bat 389, BP 68, F-91192 Gif/Yvette Cedex-2 Service de Protection Radiologique des Armées, 1 Bis, rue du Lieutenant Raoul Batany 92141 Clamart- 3 Commissariat de l’Energie Atomique, DAM, Bâtiment DAM, BP 12, 91680 Bruyeres Le Chatel-4 Laboratoire de Radiochimie, Université de Liège, Bat B16, Sart-Tilman B40000 Liège Belgique - 5 Institut de Recherches Subatomiques, 23 rue de Loess, BP 28, F 67037 Strasbourg Cedex 2

RADIOPROTECTION Vol. 38 No. 4 (October-December 2003)

Document type > *Article de revue

Keywords > aerosols - measuring methods, pressurized water reactors (PWR)

Research Unit > IRSN/DSU/SERAC

Authors > BOULAUD Denis

Publication Date > 01/10/2003


This work is part of the EDF project “control of a-particle radiation risk in nuclear power stations”. A realistic determination of the resuspension factor of contamination is necessary to be certain that the health protection measures taken by the EDF for their on-site workers are applicable. An experimental determination of the resuspension factor during the programmed maintenance of Unit 3 of the Cattenom power station, which suffered a dispersion of fissile material during a stoppage in January 2001, has been performed. The values of the surface and atmospheric activity concentrations at three workspace (pressure unit, steam generator and pool of the reactor building) are analysed. The results allow setting the most realistic value of the resuspension factor for a-particle for operational radiation protection at FMES = 1x10-6 m-1.
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