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Research: The Fukushima Daiichi accident boosts research on nuclear safety and radiation protection

Although improving the prevention of nuclear accidents and developing better emergency response tools are ongoing research goals at IRSN, the Fukushima Daiichi disaster has prompted the Institute to redefine its objectives and step up its partnership initiatives.

Better accident prevention – particularly through the inclusion of events with a very low probability of occurrence – and better control of the consequences of severe accidents, should they occur, are two key areas of research requiring collaboration between IRSN and various research organizations. International coordination has recently been strengthened in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection within France (involving IRSN, CEA, EDF and Areva) and throughout Europe and the world (particularly within the OECD/NEA).

For example, discussions are being held under the auspices of the new European association NUGENIA[1] or as part of the coordination of proposals submitted under FP7 Euratom. These discussions allow the identification of priorities for medium-term research projects, such as seismic hazards and their consequences, radionuclide dispersion prediction capabilities, in-depth understanding of phenomena governing the progression of severe accidents, the development of new operational dosimeters, and the impact of organizational and human factors on the efficiency of the decision-making system.

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[1] NUGENIA: European association dedicated to the identification and organization of research on Generation II and III reactors. European TSOs are key driving members of this association.

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