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European Commission awards major training and tutoring contract to TSO consortium led by ENSTTI

The European Commission selected the European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute (ENSTTI), in which IRSN, GRS and LEI are members, to train and tutor international experts from nuclear regulatory authorities and TSOs throughout the world. This decision is clear acknowledgement of ENSTTI’s added value in the development of regulatory and technical capabilities.

In 2011, the EC awarded a €1.8M contract to a consortium led by ENSTTI and including TSOs from Italy (ENEA), Slovakia (VUJE) and Ukraine (SSTC). The objective is to develop a training and tutoring program designed to strengthen the regulatory and technical capabilities of experts from nuclear regulatory authorities and TSOs. As part of the European Union’s Nuclear Safety Cooperation Instrument (NSCI), this project will address the needs of non-European countries (3).

ENSTTI will provide 36 weeks of training and 34 months of tutoring over the 2012 to 2014 period. In accordance with the Institute’s policy, training will be provided by experts from European TSOs, and tutoring will be conducted within European TSO units. In awarding this contract, the EC acknowledges that the European TSO initiative to establish a common institute for professional training of European TSO experts will be beneficial to the nuclear safety community worldwide.

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ENSTTI website


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