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ETSON Award 2014: call to junior experts for collaborative papers

Created in 2006, the European Technical Safety Organisations Network ETSON [1] aims to contribute to the harmonization of nuclear safety in Europe and beyond. To stimulate cooperation between its young experts, ETSON reward each year a paper written by a group of two or more young engineers from different TSOs.

The paper should be written by a group of young engineers (less than 35 years old) from different TSOs, and report on their activity in domains covered by the ETSON members’ activities:

  • Nuclear safety assessment or research,
  • Radiation protection of population or workers,
  • Waste management,
  • Security of nuclear installations.

ETSON’s President Jacques Repussard will announce the Award 2014 winner at the IAEA TSO Conference in Beijing (October 27-31, 2014).  The winner of the Award will receive 2.500 € to be shared among the members of the group, and the paper will be presented at the next EUROSAFE Forum in November 2015.

More information about the ETSON Award 2014 (pdf)

More information about the ETSON network :

1- The ETSON network currently comprises ten members (IRSN - France, GRS - Germany, Bel V - Belgium, UJV - Czech Republic, VTT - Finland, LEI - Lithuania, VUJE - Slovakia, PSI  - Switzerland, JSI  - Slovenia, INRNE - Bulgaria) and 3 associate members (JNES  - Japan, SSTC - Ukraine, SEC NRS - Russia).

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