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IRSN support China in its assessment of flooding hazard

Under a contract signed within the Cooperation Instrument for Nuclear Safety (INSC) of the European Commission, the Chinese nuclear safety authority NNSA wished to benefit, via his French counterpart ASN, from the expertise of IRSN for safety review on topics such as flooding hazard.


Contributing to the growing competence of NNSA and its TSO NSC in the field of statistical approaches to assess the hazard flood was the objective of the mission led by IRSN until April 2016. At the head of a French group of flooding experts, the Institute presented its assessment methods, together with all the best practices that could be adapted for their purposes. It also prepared a detailed safety review guide to allow the Chinese to carry out their own assessments.

Following the flooding of the Blayais nuclear power plant in 1999, France had conducted a major update of its hazards assessment methods - including flooding - and its regulation in this area.

In addition to flooding, the two-year mission conducted by IRSN covered a number of other issues, including severe accidents, studies of accidents using best-estimate methods, and analysis of operating experience feedback.


(updated on July 7, 2016)
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