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Generation II and III reactors: safety-related research proposals under the H2020 European Framework Program underway

NUGENIA, the European association for research on Generation II and III nuclear reactors, gathered 260 participants in April 2016 in Marseille. The meeting gave IRSN and its partners the opportunity to discuss the projects they plan to propose in response to the call for projects 2016-2017 launched by the European Commission, under the H2020 Framework Program.

The meeting, to which the European Commission and the AIEA were invited, provided an opportunity for IRSN and members of NUGENIA to discuss also ongoing projects selected in the first call for projects for 2014-2015.

The program for this second call for projects, like the first one, focuses largely on research relative to generation II reactors built up to the end of the 1990’s and generation III reactors such as EPR under construction in Normandy, France.

The subjects discussed by the key partners included extending the service life of current nuclear power plant, passive safety systems for generation II and III reactors, small modular reactors, and severe reactor accidents and their consequences.

Work on finalizing the safety-related research proposals is now underway for submission this fall. The European Commission will notify the results in March 2017.

More informations:

Website of NUGENIA - NUclear GENeration II & III Association

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