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IRSN steps up its R&D collaboration with the UAE

IRSN and the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) of the United Arab Emirates signed in December 2016 an agreement for cooperation in research and development. This new arrangement expands the scope of the 2013 initial agreement between the two partners. IRSN’s aim is to become a reference partner for the UAE authorities.

As the United Arab Emirates plans to commission its first nuclear reactor at the Barakah nuclear power plant in 2017, the UAE’s regulatory body for the nuclear sector, FANR, called upon IRSN for cooperation in research, in continuation of a longstanding relationship.

Since 2013, FANR and IRSN have initiated fruitful exchanges in various scientific and technical fields such as safety assessment of potential sites for the future plants or the definition of laboratory equipment required to monitor radioactive effluents and to ensure radiological surveillance of the environment.

The new agreement addresses a wide range of areas in nuclear safety, such as thermal hydraulic transients and simulators, nuclear fuel behavior under reactivity insertion accident, loss of coolant accident and storage pool accident conditions, fire propagation and protection. It also includes accident management and mitigation, emergency response, radiation protection and health effects, and the development of training.

The first item of implementation is an environmental R&D program launched in early 2017 for the modeling of the dispersion of radioactive elements in the atmosphere and in the marine environment.

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