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Publication of a new IRSN book : Current state of research on pressurized water reactor safety


IRSN publishes a new book in its Science and Technology Series, entitled "Current state of research on pressurized water reactor safety".


IRSN book: Current state of research on pressurized water reactor safetyFor more than 40 years, IPSN, and then IRSN, has conducted research and development on nuclear safety, specifically concerning pressurized water reactors, which are the type of reactor used in France.

This publication reports on the progress of this research and development in each area of study - loss-of-coolant accidents, core melt accidents, fires and external hazards, component aging, etc. -, the remaining uncertainties and, in some cases, new measures that should be developed to consolidate the safety of today's reactors and also those of tomorrow. A chapter of this report is also devoted to research into human and organizational factors, and the human and social sciences more generally.

All of the work is reviewed in the light of the safety issues raised by feedback from major accidents such as Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi, as well as the issues raised by assements conducted, for example, as part of the ten-year reviews of safety at French nuclear reactors.

Finally, through the subjects it discusses, this report illustrates the many partnerships and exchanges forged by IRSN with public, industrial and academic bodies both within Europe and internationally. This publication reflects IRSN' desire to keep an enduring record of its results and to share its knowledge.

The book published by the IRSN is available in its entirety, in the printable (B & W) and non-printable (color) PDF formats. It is also possible to order a hard copy and will soon be available in e-pub.


Download the book:

Colour PDF book, unprintable (PDF, 5,29 Mo)

Other formats


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