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Visit of a delegation from the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) to Cadarache

On Wednesday, April 6, CEO Jean-Christophe Niel welcomed to Cadarache a delegation from the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) led by Tommi Nyman, Vice President of the Nuclear Energy Division.

The aim of this visit was to strengthen bilateral cooperation between our two organizations, particularly in the field of nuclear safety research, and to consider new areas of collaboration. After the technical exchanges, the delegation was also able to visit several safety research platforms (Galaxie, MAESTRO, THEMA, ODE).

VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) is the largest technological research organization in northern Europe, with nearly 2,100 employees. IRSN has been working with the Finnish organization since 2006 in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection, as well as in software development. As a TSO for STUK, the Finnish safety authority, VTT is a first-class partner for IRSN, which also collaborates in numerous international and European projects and within the ETSON network.

From left to right:
Patrice Giordano (IRSN), Director of Safety Research
A​nna Korpinen (VTT), Senior scientist, severe accidents
François Barré (IRSN), Deputy Director of Safety Research
Seppo Hillberg (VTT), Senior scientist, nuclear power plant analysis (Apros, thermohydraulics)
Tommi Nyman (VTT), Vice President, Nuclear Energy
Jean-Christophe Niel (IRSN), Director General
Camille Bussière (IRSN), European and International relations manager, in charge of Finland
Karim Ben Ouaghrem (IRSN), Assistant to the Director of International and European Affairs

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