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IRSN designated as a WHO “Collaborating Center” once again

Following a visit from a World Health Organization (WHO) delegation end of 2021, IRSN has been reappointed as a collaborating center for its fourth four-year term. Under its activities, WHO calls on some 800 collaborating centers in 80 member states to support its wo​rk in a multitude of health-related fields that includes epidemics and pandemics, nutrition, infectious and non-communicable diseases, and preparedness, surveillance and response in health emergencies. 

IRSN has been appointed four times to a four-year term as a collaborating center in this final field – first in 2010, then again in 2014, 2018 and 2022. The Institute helps WHO to develop standards, draw up research agendas, provide technical support during radiological or nuclear emergencies, and share knowledge related to the medical/health consequences of radiological and nuclear risks. Four priority areas have been determined: strengthening preparedness and response to radiation emergencies, providing technical support in the area of mental health and psychosocial support in radiation emergencies, providing technical support in the area of radiation protection in medical applications of ionizing radiation and providing technical support in the area of existing radiation exposures. The renewal of its status as a collaborating center reflects recognition of the Institute’s scientific and technical work. 

Through WHO, IRSN also has the opportunity to share its proposals and recommendations in the field of health research with its counterparts – as well as their own recommendations – on a much wider international scale. ​

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