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Study on the implementation of linear accelerators coupled with a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system in radiotherapy (MR-linacs)

Publication date: 16/11/2018

In the frame of the marketing of new radiation therapy devices coupling a linear electron accelerator to a magnetic resonance imaging system (MR-linac), the French Nuclear Safety Authority requested IRSN to provide a state of the art for this technology and to identify any points requiring vigilance.

IRSN's analysis relied on the expertise of the French Medical Physics Society, SFPM. The numerous observations and recommendations established by the IRSN/SFPM working group are synthesized in the advice published by the IRSN.

Download the study (PDF file)

Critical review: Epidemiological studies of leukaemia in children and young adults around nuclear facilities

Publication date: 22/04/2008

The German Federal Institute for Protection against Ionising Radiation made public a multi-site epidemiological study on 10 December 2007. This study covered 16 nuclear sites in Germany. The study meets the international scientific criteria.It establishes an excessive risk of leukaemia in children under five living within a radius of 5 km around German nuclear power plants.

The IRSN epidemiologist researchers have undertaken a critical review of all international scientific literature on the risk of leukaemia in children living near nuclear facilities.

Download the critical review summary (PDF file)

Evaluation guide for the radiological impact study of a basic nuclear installation (BNI) as a support for the authorization application of releases

Publication date: october 2002

At the time of a licence application of effluent releases and water pumping of basic nuclear facilities (BNF), the operator of the installation must in particular provide a radiological impact study of the radioactive effluent releases coming from the installation on the environment and on pubic health.

An impact study of the radioactive releases represents technical and conditional specifications. It was for this reason that the French Safety Authority (ASN then DSIN) and the Directorate-General of Health Services (DGS) requested IRSN (then IPSN), in April 1999, to develop a guide facilitating the review of such a study, as well for the services implied in the examination of the licence applications, as for all the concerned parties in this field.

The objective of the guide is to take into account the regulatory context which underlies the development of the impact studies (decree n°95-540 of May 4, 1995, modified by the decree n°2002-460 of April 4, 2002, and the Euratom guidline 96/29 of May 13, 1996, known as “the basic standard guideline”, accompanied by its transposition texts in French law).

In this precise context, the guide proposes to assess the radiological impact study of a BNF from three different angles:
- the description and the quantification of the produced effluents, by taking account of the triggering processes, of the different processing measures and of the procedures to optimise the reduction of the produced effluents;
- the estimate of the dosimetric impact of the planned releases on the population, taking into account the environmental characteristics of the installation;
- the definition of the conditions to monitor the releases and the environment.
This guide provides a general condition logical framework adaptable to any particular situation met.

Download the guide (PDF file)

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