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Hydraulic modelling of unsaturated zones around three openings at the argillaceous Tournemire site (France)



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Titre du congrès :Titre du congrès :GeoProc 2008 - 3rd International Conference on coupled T-H-M-C processes in geo-systems
Ville du congrès :Lille
Date du congrès :02/06/2008


This paper reports the results of hydraulic modelling under unsaturated condition around openings in argillaceous formation at the Tournemire site, in order to determine permeability value suitable to explain measured distribution of saturation ratio. We performed modelling with finite element method with consideration of seasonal changes of humidity in the openings. Results of modelling could simulate reasonably well the characteristics of the measured distribution. Modelling results with permeability 10~19m2 to 10~20m2 show good agreement with the measurement results. This study is a part of contribution of Japan Atomic Energy Agency and Kyoto University team to Task C of the DECOVALEX-THMC project.