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CASTEAUR: a simple tool to assess the transfer of radionuclides in waterways.



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K. Beaugelin-Seiller, P. Boyer, J. Garnier-Laplace and C. Adam Health Phys. 83, (4), 539-542; 2002


The CASTEAUR project proposes a simplified tool to assess the transfer of radionuclides between and in the main biotic and abiotic components of the freshwater ecosystem. Applied to phenomenological modeling, various hypotheses simplify the transfer equations, which, when programmed under Excel, can be readily dispatched and used. CASTEAUR can be used as an assessment tool for impact studies of accidental release as well as "routine" release. This code is currently being tested on the Rhone River, downstream from a nuclear reprocessing plant. The first results are reported to illustrate the possibilities offered by CASTEAUR.