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Variation of the distribution coefficient (Kd) of selenium in soils under various microbial states



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Titre de la revue : Journal of Environmental Radioactivity Volume : 97 N° : 2-3 Pagination : 189-205 Date de publication : 01/10/2007

Type de document > *Article de revue

Mots clés > coefficient de distribution (Kd), état microbien du sol, sélénium, sol

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DEI/SECRE/LRE

Auteurs > FEVRIER Laureline, LECLERC Elisabeth, MARTIN-GARIN Arnaud

Date de publication > 01/10/2007


This study aimed to (i) evaluate whether the Kd value of selenium is dependent upon the soil microbial activity and (ii) define the limitation of the use of the Kd concept to describe selenium behaviour in soils when assessing the long term radiological waste disposal risk. Kd coefficients, as well as information on selenite speciation in the soil-solution, were derived from short and long term batch experiments with a calcareous silty clay soil in various microbial states. Soil microbial activity induced (i) an increase of the Kd value from 16 l kg-1 in sterile conditions to 130 l kg-1 when the soil was amended with glucose and nitrate, and (ii) changes in selenium speciation both in solution (presence of seleno-species other than free Se(IV)) and in the solid phase (Se linked to microorganisms). Although the Kd coefficient adequately reflects the initial fractionation between soil-solid and soil-solution, it does not allow for speciation and microbial processes which could affect reversibility, mobility and the long term accumulation and uptake into crops.