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Fission-product release modelling in the ASTEC integral code: the status of the ELSA module



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W. Plumecocq, M. P. Kissane, H. Manenc, P. Giordano.
8th International Conférence on CANDU Fuel 21/09/03 au 24/09/03 Honey Harbour, Ontario


Safety assessment of water-cooled nuclear reactors encompasses potential severe accidents where, in particular, the release of fission products (FPs) and actinides into the reactor coolant system (RCS) is evaluated. The ELSA module is used in the ASTEC integral code to model all releases into the RCS. A wide variety of experiments is used for validation: small-scale CRL, ORNL and VERCORS tests; large-scale Phébus-FP tests; etc. Being a tool that covers intact fuel and degraded states, ELSA is being improved maximizing the use of information from degradation modelling. Short-term improvements will include some treatment of initial FP release due to intergranular inventories and implementing models for release of additional structural materials (Sn, Fe, etc.).