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Status des codes de calcul incendie à l'IRSN



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Titre du congrès :SMiRT - 19 Post Conference Seminar on Fire Safety in Nuclear Power Plants and Installations Ville du congrès :Oshawa Date du congrès :20/08/2007


The aim of the present paper is to provide an overview of the two IRSN fire codes including development and validation of these models. SYLVIA is a robust and reliable simulation software based on a classical zones approach to perform fire safety studies in multi-compartment facilities. ISIS is a computational fluid dynamic code for simulating fluid flow and heat and mass transfer in fire compartments. Physical modeling and validation processes of these two fire codes are described. The validation of SYLVIA involves a classification of compartment fires based on non-dimensional parameters whereas the validation of the ISIS fire code is based on a building-block approach. The final part deals with the assessment on these models on two full-scale pool fire experiments, in terms of fuel mass loss rate, pressure variation, and temperature history.