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Optimum treatment regimens with animals



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Stradling, G.N.; Henge-Napoli, M.H.; Paquet, F.; Poncy, J.L.; Fritsch, P.; Taylor, D.M Radiation Protection Dosimetry 2000) v. 87(1) Special issue: Decorporation of Radionuclides from the Human Body p. 29-40

Type de document > *Article de revue

Mots clés > radiotoxicologie, américium, césium, décorporation, neptunium, plutonium, thorium, uranium

Unité de recherche > Laboratoire d'études appliquées de radiotoxicologie (LEAR)

Auteurs > PAQUET François

Date de publication > 01/01/2000


This paper reviews the optimum treatment protocols that have been obtained to date after intakes of specified chemical forms of plutonium, americium, thorium, uranium, neptunium and caesium. Priority is given to inhalation and wound contamination. Intravenous or subcutaneous injection studies are considered when these data are unavailable. The inhalation data are expressed in terms of the human equivalent intake or dose. For some chemical forms, the data permits comparisons of treatment efficacy to be made after inhalation, injection and oral administration of the chelating agent, and between new substances and those currently accepted for clinical use.