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The use of SIMS for uranium localization in biological research



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Amaral, A. ; Galle, P.; Escaig, F.; Zhang, L.; Cossonnet, C.; Henge-Napoli, M.H.; Ansoborlo, E. Journal of Alloys and Compounds (12 Jun 1998) v. 271-273 p. 19-24 International conference on actinides (An '97) Baden-Baden (Germany) 21-26 Sep 1997


Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) enables the localization and isotopic determination in microvolume of all elements from the Mendeleyev table. Based on the ablation of samples by ion bombardment, the SIMS method allows rapid assessment of trace elements in biological samples. In this work, studies in vitro and in vivo have been carried out using, respectively, rat macrophages and lung tissue sections containing uranium oxides. Following the localization studies, the isotopic ratio between the 235U and 238U was measured. In the present work, analytical procedures and the potential of the SIMS in biological research are discussed.