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Validation of modelling the radiation exposure due to solar particle events at aircraft altitudes



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Titre de la revue : Radiation Protection Dosimetry Volume : 131 N° : 1 Pagination : 51-58 Date de publication : 01/08/2008


Dose assessment procedures for cosmic radiation exposure of aircraft crew have been introduced in most European countries in accordance with the corresponding European directive and national regulations. However, the radiation exposure due to solar particle events is still a matter of scientific research. Here we describe the European research project CONRAD, WP6, Subgroup-B, about the current status of available solar storm measurements and existing models for dose estimation at flight altitudes during solar particle events leading to ground level events. Three models for the numerical dose estimation during ground level enhancements are discussed. Some of the models agree with limited experimental data reasonably well. Analysis of ground level enhancements during geomagnetically disturbed conditions is still complex and time consuming. Currently available solar particle event models can disagree with each other by an order of magnitude. Further research and verification by on-board measurements is still needed.