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Dosimetric management during a criticality accident



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Titre de la revue : Nuclear Technology Volume : 161 N° : 1 Pagination : 27-34 Date de publication : 01/01/2008


A working group from health occupational and clinical biochemistry services on French sites has issued essential data sheets on the guidelines tofollow in managing the victims of a criticality accident. Since the priority of the medical management after a criticality accident is to assess the dose and the distribution of dose, some dosimetric investigations have been selected in order to provide a prompt response and to anticipate the final dose reconstruction. Comparison exercises between clinical biochemistry laboratories on French sites were carried out to confirm that each laboratory maintained the required operational methods for hair treatment and the appropriate equipment for 32P activity in hair and 24Na activity in blood measurements, and to demonstrate its ability to rapidly provide neutron dose estimates after a criticality accident. As a result, a relation has been assessed to estimate the dose and the distribution of dose according to the neutron spectrum following a criticality accident.