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Franco-Russian comparison of mixed neutron and gamma radiation field dosimeters at the Silène reactor



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Emmanuelle Gaillard-Lecanu, Quang Chaua, François Trompier, Vladimir I. Tcvetkov, Elena Y. Tarasova and Evgueni D. Klechtchenko Radiation Measurements, 33 n°6, p 859-866


This paper gives the results of dosimetry measurements carried out in the Silène reactor at Valduc (France) with neutron and photon dosimeters in mixed neutron and gamma radiation fields, in the frame of a Franco-Russian comparison of dosimeters. Neutron dosimetry was supplied by passive semiconductors, activation detectors and nuclear track detectors. For photon dosimetry, thermoluminescent and passive semiconductor detectors were used. The experiments were located at 3 m from the reactor core, in free air and also at the front and back of a tissue-equivalent phantom. The pulse operating mode of the reactor was used to simulate a criticality accident with solid fissile material, while the free evolution mode simulated a criticality accident in a fissile solution. The photon absorbed dose showed a slight increase on entering the phantom compared to measurements in free air, probably due to backscattering by the phantom. At the rear of the phantom, the neutron kerma was four times lower than on the front, whereas the photon dose was only two times lower. The heterogeneity of dose inside the phantom was far greater for neutrons than for photons.