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New approach for dose reconstruction: application to one case of localized irradiation with radiological burns



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Bottollier-Depois JF, Gaillard-Lecanu E, Roux A, Chau Q, Trompier F, Voisin P, Gourmelon P. Health Phys 2000 Sep;79(3):251-6


When localized accidental irradiation occurs, it is necessary to determine the extent to which tissues and vital organs have been damaged, mainly in the vicinity of the source. At present, biological markers cannot be used to estimate the heterogeneity of the dose distribution. An alternative is to map the absorbed dose in the different regions of the body. Using a Monte Carlo calculation code, it is possible to simulate the accident while taking into account the specific morphology of the irradiated individual and his environment, as well as the source characteristics. The calculated values are matched to the clinical signs of the lesion, particularly around the rim of the radiation-induced necrosis. This technique was applied successfully on two patients who presented very severe lesions due to acute localized irradiation after an accident that occurred at Lilo (Georgia) in 1996-1997; only the most demonstrative case is presented here.