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Qualification of a numerical anthropomorphic model dedicated to radiological accidents



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Roux, A.; Gaillard-Lecanu, E.; Bottollier-Depois, J.F.; Chau, Q.; Trompier, F. ; Lebedev, L. Radioprotection, (Jan-Mar 2001) v. 36(no.1) p. 57-75 (in English)


In the case of accidental exposure to ionising radiation, estimation of the absorbed dose in the organism is an important indicator for evaluating the biological consequences. To complete the clinical and biological investigations, physical dosimetry methods can be used to provide an estimate of the absorbed dose and its distribution in the organism. This article describes the development of calculation tools in physical dosimetry, in particular a numerical anthropomorphic phantom which can be adapted to each individual. A standard model was developed from the data available in the ICPR Publication 23. A set of tests was carried out with the model dimensions being modified to study the effect of morphology on the dose calculation. A comparison was made with another standard model used in internal dosimetry. These studies highlight the parameters to be taken into account in the model, depending on whether the accident is local or global.