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Behaviour of French electrical cables under fire conditions



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R. Bertrand, M. Chaussard, J. Lacoué, J.M. Mattéi, R. Gonzalez, J.M. Such, Fire Science and Technology Symposium. Newcastle, décembre 2001, Rapport IRSN-DES/472


A fire Probabilistic Safety Assessment - called fire PSA - is being carried out by the French Institute of Nuclear Safety and Protection (IPSN) to be used in the framework of the safety assessment of operating 900 MWe PWRs. The aim of this study is to evaluate the core damage conditional probability which could result from a fire. A fire can induce unavailability of safety equipment notably damaging electrical cables that are a significant risk contributor. The purpose of this communication is to present the electrical cable fire tests carried out by IPSN to identify the failure modes and to determine the cable damage criteria. Moreover, are indicated the impact of each kind of cable failure mode and the methodology used to estimate the conditional probability of a failure mode when cable damage occurred.