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Improvement of the European thermodynamic database NUCLEA



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​Progress in Nuclear Energy / Volume 52, issue 1, janvier 2010, pages 84-96


Modelling of corium behaviour during a severe accident requires knowledge of the phases present at equilibrium for a given corium composition, temperature and pressure. The thermodynamic database NUCLEA in combination with a Gibbs Energy minimizer is the European reference tool to achieve this goal. This database has been improved thanks to the analysis of bibliographical data and to EU-funded experiments performed within the SARNET network, PLINIUS as well as the ISTC CORPHAD and EVAN projects.

To assess the uncertainty range associated with Energy Dispersive X-ray analyses, a round-robin exercise has been launched in which a UO2-containing corium–concrete interaction sample from VULCANO has been analyzed by three European laboratories with satisfactorily small differences.