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Development of a primary thoron activity standard for the calibration of thoron measurement instruments



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​Radiation Protection Dosimetry / Issue 167, pages 70-74, 2015

Type de document > *Article de revue

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Unité de recherche > IRSN/PSN-RES/SCA/LPMA

Auteurs > SABOT Benoît, PIERRE S., CASSETTE Philippe, MICHIELSEN Nathalie, BONDIGUEL Sylvain

Date de publication > 24/04/2015


​The LNHB and IRSN are working on a reference atmosphere for thoron (220Rn) instrument calibration. The LNHB, as the national metrology institute for activity measurement in France, has to create a new thoron reference standard in order to estimate with accuracy the thoron concentration of a reference atmosphere. The measurement system presented in this paper is based on a reference volume using an alpha detector, which is able to measure thoron and its decay products to define the thoron concentration of a thoron reference atmosphere. This paper presents the first results with this new system using a well-known radon (222Rn) atmosphere and a thoron (220Rn) atmosphere.