The European dosimetry group : EURADOS

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P. Pihet , C. Wernli, H. Schuhmacher, J. Zoetelief, D.T. Bartlett, F. d'Errico, L. Lindborg, P. Olko, H. Paretzke, A. Rannou, F. Spurny, D.J. Thomas, IRPA 11, 23-28/05/2004, Madrid (Spain).

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque
Mots clés publication scientifique > dosimétrie , radioprotection
Unité de recherche > IRSN/DRPH
Auteurs > PIHET Pascal , RANNOU Alain

  The European Radiation Dosimetry group (eurados) was created in 1981 as a platform for bringing together scientists from various laboratories in Europe working in the field of radiation dosimetry and thus increase their opportunities for co-operation. The executive arm of this scientific society is embodied by a General Assembly representing EURADOS institutional members, currently 47 laboratories from 31 European countries, that are delegating individual scientists to participate in EURADOS activities and contribute to various working groups. The EURADOS network activities cover the fields of radiation protection, radiobiology, diagnostic and therapeutic radiology. EURADOS has demonstrated a special ability to bring research and development topics and scientific knowledge to a wide range of stakeholders in the numerous applications of ionising radiations and in radiation protection. Among these are the European Commission, national research and expertise institutes, research groups, manufacturers of dosimetry instrumentation, regulatory bodies, the nuclear industry and medical facilities.

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